Curriculum Objectives​

The K’tanim Preschool curriculum is developmentally oriented and allows the child to control much of what he/she is learning. Lessons are often woven into the child’s activities and there may be a few activities taking place simultaneously. The emphasis is in teaching children to: 


  • Explore new things and ideas

  • Use new words learned from people, programs and books

  • Be safe in and outside of school

  • Share and get along with others, play fair, take turns

  • Express frustration appropriately

  • Listen to stories, directions, peers and adults

  • Care for themselves and their belongings

  • Know where to go for help

  • Care for living things

  • Care for the environment

  • Act responsibly individually and in a group

  • Develop an appreciation for Jewish values and other cultures

  • Develop social and cognitive kindergarten readiness skills